If more people start buying hybrids will it defeat the purpose of carpool lanes?



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    Nothing should ever defeat the purpose of carpool lanes. Even if there is a widespread conversion to much more efficient cars, each car will still take some amount of resources to drive (whether it be gas, electricity, hydrogen, or something else). Carpooling also reduces the number of total cars on the road, which helps with traffic problems.

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    The carpool lane policies would have to change in the case that this happens. The purpose of carpool lanes is to try to lower the number of vehicles actually on the road. The incentive in place now is mainly to make buying a hybrid more attractive. Once there are more hybrids on the road, you would have to impose an actual carpool policy where only hybrids with a certain number of people or higher are in the car.

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    Carpool lanes are usually for vehicles that have more than one person in them. In some places there may be expectations, such as California, which requires two or more people per vehicle, allows for motorcyclists to ride alone, and also allows for zero emission vehicles which do not have to meet minimum passenger requirements but do need a DMV sticker. By carpooling resources used are reduced and traffic is reduced. If everyone had a hybrid it would still make more sense for people to carpool than drive by themselves.

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