If more people biked to work would we be skinnier?



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    It is possible that this would happen if more people biked to work. Biking is a good form of exercise and it does not have high impact on your joints. This would also depend on how far people are biking and if they are also eating healthily. It doesn’t do any good to bike a few miles but then gorge on huge meals of meat and fried things.

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    There are numerous benefits to biking to work: lower risk of mortality, obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, levels of LDL cholestoral, heart attacks, and strokes. Not to mention, physical activity alters brain chemistry and improves moral. Increased confidence, strength, positive attitudes, ability to sleep and concentrate better have all been reported by people who cycle more. Biking to work is great for your mind and body, not to mention is great for your bank account!

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    Being skinny is great, but I think that the mental health benefits are really what makes biking so important. Biking to work (or anywhere) makes you HAPPIER. As mentioned above, you feel more confident, you can sleep better, and you feel generally more positive. Also, it really helps the trapped feeling that sometimes comes with living in a city to know that you’re not beholden to a car or public transportation. I can often get somewhere in 10 minutes on my bike that would take easily 30 minutes to travel in a car or (worse) on a bus. Bikers are free from traffic! It’s a wonderful feeling! Just like its a wonderful feeling to fit into your skinny jeans.

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    Biking to work is a great way to burn fat as part as your daily routine. Biking to work would make people skinnier, but they would have to eat properly to keep the weight off.

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    Theoretically, yes.  Losing weight also has to do with calorie intake.  So, if you eat a lot after you get to your destination, that probably won’t help.  But, it’s a step in the right direction and better for the environment, anyway!

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