If money wasn’t an option would you get the Nissan Leaf or the Chevy Volt?



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    I’d have to go with the Nissan Leaf, mostly because it is a zero emissions vehicle and can go100 miles on a charge, whereas the Volt still has a gas-powered generator to help the electric motor along once the battery runs out after 40 miles. So environmentally I think Leaf is taking the greater step. And I’m partial to hatchbacks. And blue.

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    I think I would go with the Chevy. As important as being eco-friendly when purchasing a car, I think safety still must come first, and I think that the gas-powered generator ensures against getting stranded. My goal would be to never use the gas, of course, but knowing that if I miscalculate my energy use, I’ll be able to depend on gas to get me home would make me more likely to buy an electric car. At this point, I don’t think I would, since the technology is still new and there isn’t really a car culture built up around it. For example, where would you plug in if you were traveling on vacation?

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