If malaria comes from mosquitoes, why don’t we just kill all the mosquitoes?



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    That would be an impossible task, they reproduce far too quickly in far too great of numbers. It would be like trying to kill every ant on the planet, a never ending task.

    It would also be a very bad idea, mosquitoes are a vital part of many ecosystems because other animals rely on them for nutrients, like amphibians and fish.

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    Even though mosquitoes spread disease and are a huge annoyance, they do play an important role in certain ecosystems and food chains. The problem with even one insignificant species being extinct is that the repercussions tend to affect more noticeable and possibly more likable species.  

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    To kill all the mosquitoes we would probably have to cover the entire planet with pesticide….that would be impossible and if we even tried would likely have devastating effects on other species.  There are currently good anti-malarials, and providing people in the at-risk areas of Africa with things like mosquito nets dramatically helps reduce the malarial infection and death rate.

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