If Japans space solar program works do you think every country will have something similar?



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    I don’t think so, for two reasons.

    First, only a limited and pretty small number of countries have the technology and financial abilities to run functioning space programs and the capability to build cutting-edge satellites. So unless some of the more rich and advanced countries sell them the technology, which is unlikely, they don’t have much of a shot.

    Second, for many countries that receive a lot of sunlight (due to a climate with fewer cloudy days and a position closer to the equator), it will probably be much cheaper and simpler just to build solar power plants on the surface. Mind you, much of the two categories of countries overlap, as the developing nations are mostly those in the tropics.

    On the other hand, if the space solar power proves to be usable, I’d expect US, Canada, Russia, China, and some of the European countries (through the European Space Agency) to follow the lead.

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