If its humid do you need to water your plants as much as normal?



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    Plants have pores on their leaves called stomata. If it is too humid for a plant fungus and mold can grow on leaves, clogging or blocking the pores from transpiring. This is bad for a plant and therefore humidity should be lowered and the plant should continue to be watered as usual. If the air is at 100% humidity the plant cannot properly transpire and will essentially suffocate. Giving a plant more or less water in this situation won’t solve anything because the plant won’t be able to “exhale” what its roots take in. 

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    Yes, probably. The vast majority of plants absorb water through their roots, and so it is the soil’s moisture content that is more important than atmospheric humidity.

    Many different factors – water table, rockiness, organic content, sand content, heat, incidence of sunlight, etc. – can affect soil’s ability to retain water, and humidity is just one of them (more humidity generally means less evaporation of water in the topsoil, i.e. less need for external watering). It would therefore not be advisable to change your watering practices based solely on humidity, unless you can eliminate all other factors when determining why your soil’s moisture content is low.

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