If it worked just as well as other cell phones would you buy a green cell phone?



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    The whole idea of a green cell phone would have to incorporate one of two things. It would be composed of recycled materials or materials made with less of a carbon footprint, or the company of the phone itself was committed to cutting their emissions to a significant extent. I wouldn’t buy a green cell phone simply if it was made of fancy environmentally friendly parts, unless I had to rid myself of my current cell phone and could not find a truely recycled cell phone. What would be a more revolutionary and much more valid reason for my support, would be the cell phone company that truely turned green. Otherwise, this is just a further co-optation of the environmental cause for a money-making cause, also known as greenwashing.

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    Yes, of course. I would hope most people would, but I can understand some people’s hesitations. Many green products cost more than non-ecofriendly items, which might be a turn off for some people. I think in the economy today many people would be hesitant to pay more to get a new phone, regardless of it being eco-friendly or not.

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