if it rains in california is it still hot?



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    California is a very large state with many different geographies and climates. Sometimes it rains all the time and it is not hot at all. The far northern coast is a perfect example of this. It is considered a temperate rain forest, and it rains all the time but 75 degrees is a “hot” day. However, in the central valley, which is hotter and more humid, it can rain and still be warm and muggy. I guess I would also need to know that you consider “hot.”

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    Rain is less common with increasing temperature, because rain is triggered when the amount of water vapor in a given volume of air exceeds a certain capacity, and that capacity increased with temperature. However, rain in hot weather is certainly not uncommon — look at monsoons in South Asia, or at the flash thunderstorms that the midwest experiences during the summer. California is no exception.

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