If i want to build my own proper scientific lab and i have the money to afford it,what steps do i need to follow to get it built?



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    Much scientific research can be conducted in your home or garage. It depends on the sensitivity of the materials you wish to use how perfect you need the lab to be. If you are working with hazardous materials where you need a fume hood, emergency eye wash, and shower, you’ll probably want to hire a licenced contractor to do the work. A licenced contractor should know how to deal with the paperwork for getting the lab built. If you just want a small one for your personal use, you can probably build it onto your home and declare it a kitchen or bathroom, but if you want a big one for lots of people and you plan to make money off of it, you should probably look for some land that is zoned commercial or industrial. When in doubt about what is legal in your locality, check with City Hall and read their codes. New buildings or expansions usually require a permit, and this could be a headache if you try to do it all by yourself. A licenced contractor should know most of the legal stuff and help you with getting a permit.

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