If I use the herbs in my garden for cooking how quickly will they grow back?



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    While its pretty difficult to give you a specific amount of time (factoring your region, watering, etc.) it is safe to say that the herbs will grow back very quickly.  If you have more than one plant, it is much better to take a few leaves from each plant than a bunch of leaves from one.  This pruning actually encourages your herbs to grow back bushier.  Herbs have different harvesting times and seasons, and the link below ill help you determine if you should actually use them for cooking for right now.  Hope this helps!

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    My favorite herb to grow is basil, and during summer in Michigan with good amounts of sun exposure and waterfall, it grows rapidly enough so that I have a constant supply for cooking. I usually cultivate around 10 plants in my garden plot, cutting the top of the plant off at the junctions of the stem and branched-out leaves. This causes new growth, producing a full patch of lovely-smelling basil.

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