If I scrape my hand on a nail but it’s not punctured should I still worry about tetanus?



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    If there is even a slight chance of tetanus, you should be concerned. Tetanus bacteria lives in dirt and can sneak in through a small cut. Though it is harder for tetanus to grow in a small cut than a puncture wound, it should still be treated with antibiotics and a tetanus shot. If it has been longer than ten years since your last tetanus shot you should get one within 48 hours. 

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    If you broke the skin then you should probably call your doctor. Even if you have had a recent tetanus shot, it never hurts to check with your physician and get his/her advice. Make sure you clean the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Watch it for signs of infection such as oozing, redness, and increased tenderness. If any of these symptoms occur, make an appointment to see your physician so you can get proper antibiotics. 

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