If I rotate muscle groups do I need to take a break from working out?



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    Good question, Francesca.  As you have suspected, our muscles need recovery time in between workouts to give them time to rebuild themselves and remain healthy.  You also seem to understand that targeting specific muscle groups in your body allows you to alternate groups and work out more often, but there is still a limit.  Because it is best to give your muscles at least a couple of days (preferably more) to recover, you are only really able to work each muscle group so many times.  One particular muscle builders advice is to break your body into 4 muscle groups, and do 4 separate work outs on 4 different days throughout the week.  Whatever ends up working for you, keep in mind that rest is important, and more working out doesn’t mean more muscle, in fact, it could actually be worse for you.

    Hope this helps!


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    Yes you do. Even with a five-day spilt set with one muscle group per day, one to two days of complete rest are not only advised, but necessary. If anything one of the two rest days should be a solely cardio day. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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