If I put a solar panel on my house should it be large enough to provide all of my energy?



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    It depends on the size of the panel and how much sun your house gets. When you look into getting one installed, ask an expert on the kind you’re getting about how much energy you will get from it.

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    It is possible to power your entire house with solar electricity, but it would take a very large area of panels. An averaged sized house would need at least a 285 sq. ft. array of solar panels to power the entire house, and would cost at least $16,000. Also, you would probably need additional items like a battery bank, and inverter, to make the whole system work.

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    From an emissions standpoint, yes. The bigger the better. From an economic standpoint, you need to look at how much various systems will cost vs. the amount of energy costs you can expect to offset from a system of that size. You then need to decide how long of a payback period you are comfortable with and with the best system from there. For solar thermal systems, there is something called the F-chart method, that uses weather data and system specifications to figure out what percentage of your estimated usage a system will meet. You then optimize the system size with the expected payoff. Your local solar installer should have more information for you on proper system sizing.

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