If I plant a fruit tree close to an asphalt driveway will any chemicals from the asphalt leach into the tree affecting the fruit? Will it be safe to eat?



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    Not all asphalts are exactly the same, but, generally speaking, it technically is possible for chemicals in asphalt to leach into groundwater. Studies regarding this, however, have been concerning major roadways, not a simple driveway. On major roads, the constant traffic causes a relatively rapid disintegration of the road’s surface, which causes leaching much more quickly than if the asphalt remains intact. Overall, it is unlikely that any significant amount of chemicals from a driveway would make it into a tree. More concerning would be making sure the roots of the tree do not damage your driveway.

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    I’m not positive whether or not the chemicals from the asphault would leak, but the tree roots could damage the driveway. We had to take out our fruit trees because the roots started damaging the sidewalk.

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