If I need to heat my home with wood during the winter should I get a wood burning stove to also cook my meals?



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    If you bought a wood cook stove, it would definitely warm a section of your house, giving it the dual purpose of heating and cooking. You can also just cook on top of a regular wood stove, but a cook stove has a better setup for cooking, like an oven and removable rings at the top for cooking things at higher heat. 

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    Buying a wood burning stove with a cooking surface would also be helpful if your area is susceptible to blackouts, or if you find yourself in an emergency situation.  Cooking wtih a wood stove can be challenging because there isn’t an accurate thermostat to tell you how hot the heating surface is.  The amount of heat produced will also vary with the type of wood you burn, so you have to gauge things carefully.

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    Please remember that wood burning stoves are terrible for the environment. A lot of the world’s population has no other option than to cook on a wood burning stove to survive and because of this, emissions and deaths due to the inhalation of the smoke produced is severely high. Try to use your wood burning devices as little as possible. If you need them to survive, I am not advising against them but just be environmentally smart with your decisions.

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