if i need to do a project on wildlife how would i do it ?

all i need is information.



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    There are many ways to approach doing a project on wildlife.  Your teacher or professor probably outlined some requirements for the format, (ie is it a written report, show and tell, or do you need to construct something).  The first thing I would do would be to select an interesting topic, is there a particular animal you like (dolphins, macaws, elephants?) or is there a particular ecosystem you are interested in (the ocean, the rainforest, a pond near your home?). Once you find something you are particularly interested in, then go about putting together your project.  One idea might be to catalog the types of wildlife you could find in a local forest and put together some pictures of the animals, collect leaves from different trees and compile facts about them into a report.

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    Once you have chosen what topic it’s going to be about, do research to get familiar with all aspects about it.  If it’s an animal– know it’s habitat, prey/predators, physical characteristics, defense mechanisms, age span, etc.  If it’s about a place, like the Amazon or Antarctic, then get to know everything about the location- what it contains, how it’s changed over time, the benefits and disadvantages it holds.


    Usually it’s best to keep large topics as simple as possible to make your points clear.  You should have fun with the project, finding what you like about the topic and choosing your own way of sharing what you learn about it.

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