If I made my front yard into a vegetable garden would my city be able to tell me I can’t have it?



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    Probably not, but that depends on a few factors. If your garden were to encroach on public property, or utilize any land not owned by you (or that you were otherwise given permission to use), then I suppose the city might have legal grounds to challenge it.

    I believe that there have been instances when a yard was so offensive to neighbors (due to how run down it was) that legal arguments have been made on the grounds that it diminishes property values in the neighborhood, though I cannot recall whether or not they were ultimately successful in court.

    From a legal standpoint, I guess it really depends on the situation, but the vast majority of the time I sincerely doubt that you would have any problems- and even if, by some small chance, there were some legal bump in the road, it would be pretty unusual for it to be enforced.

    If you’re really concerned, check with your city ordinances or contact city hall and inquire about the law for your specific city, but I’m fairly certain that as long as you’re not breaking any federal laws (i.e. your vegetable garden consisting entirely of marijuana), no one’s going to oppose what you do on your own property.

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    If you belong to Home Owners Association, they are able to dictate to some extent what you can and can’t have visible from the front of your house. Check with your HOA if you are in one to see what their rules and regulations are.

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