If I have a stream at my house can I build a hydro power dam for my home?



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    Depending on your local water laws and policies, you may be able to build a power generating dam structure.  However, it is best to check to see if your city/county/state has any laws regulating upstream and downstream impact (especially if your stream flows through a neighbors property at some point or through public land).  You may have to file and get and Environmental Impact Report reviewed for this type of project even though it is an private land because it may have the potential to affect a public resource or other people’s private property.  Building such a power generator would have many benefits, and you may even be eligible for a power rebate such as the electric company pays people that use Solar who contribute back to the Grid.

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    I’m pretty sure federal riparion law states that all streams and rivers are the property of the U.S. government, regardless of whether or not it’s on your property.  At the very least you will need a permit.

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