if i have hypoglycemia is 5 hour energy bad for me?



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    Why would you ask such a question of random strangers on an internet forum?

    Ask your doctor.

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    Yes, if you have hypoglycemia, 5 Hour Energy drinks (or any energy drink) is very bad for you.  Energy drinks like 5 Hour rely on an extreme doses of caffeine.  Caffeine is not only a diuretic (something that speeds up the process of urination, pulling vitamins and minerals from the body into the urine) but caffeine has also been known to lower blood sugar in some individuals, especially those who are already sensitive to changes in blood sugar such as diabetics, hypoglycemics, and those with heart trouble.  In studies done on individuals who don’t have hypoglycemia, drinking 5 Hour lowered their blood sugar enough to put them into extreme hypoglycemic episodes.    

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