If I had an environmentally friendly way to quickly reduce waste to soil, what would be the best way to get landfills to use it?



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    You’d need to have some evidence to back up your idea.  You would want to be able to show that your method has been tried several times and resulted several times.  Also, if you have any academic or professional qualifications in this area, that will help support your findings and get some attention.   If you’re approaching landfill managers though, you’ll also have to prove that your method is going to benefit them financially.  Landfills are a business and people make a lot of money processing garbage.   

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      Thank you for your response. I really am past the idea stage and into the “let’s get people to use it” stage. I feel that it is a reasonable cost but am finding a slight roadblock in actually meeting with landfill managers and owners. I am willing even to show them a test at no cost from me on a sample of their waste. Any suggestions?

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    A solid business proposal, and evidence that it works would be absolutely crucial. You would also want to make it as inexpensive and as readily available as possible.

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