If I had a 90 mile commute to and from work and had a Chevy volt how much would I spend on gas in a week?



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    The answer that I came up with is $28.50 per week on average assuming that you are working a five day work week, you are leaving with a fully charged battery, and that the average price of gas is $3.23 per gallon

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    It should be noted that this figure depends also on your cost of electricity and when you charge the car. Where I live, electricity costs vary from $0.07/kwh at night to $0.38/kwh during peak hours. I’m not sure how many miles per kwh the Volt gets, but I have a friend who gets 2 miles per kwh on his home conversion.

    Are you talking about 90 miles each way or 90 miles total? Here’s a set of answers for 90 miles each way: If you drive the first 40 miles on electric power only, then that portion of the trip would cost $1.75 assuming that you charged the car at night. The first 40 miles on the way back would cost $9.50 if you charged the car during peak energy usage hours. For the next 50 miles, assuming that you get 40mpg and gas costs $3.23 as nellieliz4 suggested, that portion of the trip would consume 1.25 gallons of gas and cost $4.04.

    Depending on your local energy prices, you may want to just charge at night and not during peak hours. So, let’s say that you drive 90 miles each way (180 total) and it costs $1.75 total for the first 40 miles. That leaves 140 miles of gasoline driving, which would consume 3.5 gallons of gasoline at 40 mpg. At $3.23/gallon, that portion of the trip would cost $11.31 (I’m rounding to the nearest cent, BTW). So, that would be $13.06/day and $91.39/week in total fuel costs.

    For a 90 mile total commute where you drive the first 40 miles for $1.75 and the next 50 miles for $4.04, that would cost $5.79/day or $40.53/week.

    I encourage you to play with the numbers yourself a bit in case I made an error or if you have a different energy pricing scheme where you live. Some energy companies may charge a flat rate for electricity no matter what time it is while others will vary the price of electricity based on the time of day and corresponding demand. If they charge a lot during the day, you may not want to charge the car while you are at work. Also, the Volt may get more than 2 miles per kwh, but unfortunately that information is not available.

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