If I don’t have a lot of money how can I go green?



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    You can actually SAVE a lot of money by going green. The easiest thing to do is start cutting down on your energy use:
    -take cooler, shorter showers.
    -unplug ALL appliances when they aren’t in use.
    -switch to compact flourescent lightbulbs.
    -become a vegetarian (meat is expensive..)
    -turn your thermostat down a few degrees.
    -drive less.

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    If you manage it well cameronbruns is right, you can actually save money by being green. Of course you dont have to become vegetarian if you dont want! By conserving energy, buying local produce, walking rather than taking the car when you can (or just using your car sensibly) you can save money. Consider growing a few veggies of your own if you have somewhere to grow them (even a balcony) or make your own cleaning products

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