If I can’t afford solar panels or new technology, is there any way to make an old gas heater or furnace more efficient?



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    The best way to make an older heating system more efficient without replacing it is to ensure that your house is properly insulated. Make sure your windows and doors form a seal when shut and aren’t creating a draft into the house and be sure to place a weatherstrip around them if they are. If you have a window unit air conditioner, be sure to cover up the outside of it and prevent air from blowing into the house through the a/c. If you have radiators rather than forced hot air, you can possibly line behind them with tin foil, this will keep heat from being absorbed directly into the wall. Windows aren’t cheap either, but if you still have only single paned glass, it may be time to replace them to double paned, which is more efficient, and you may be eligible for tax deductions too. And double check your insulation in places where it may be loose, such as the attic.

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    Insulate your doors and your windows:

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