If I am on a tight budget can I afford organic food?



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    It’s true that organic foods are often a bit more expensive than their non-organic counterparts.  However, it’s important to remember that organic foods are healthier too, and can lead to fewer medical expenses in the long run; in this way, an organic diet can more than pay for itself.  Aside from that though, there are many ways to eat organic on a tight budget through careful planning.  Buying in bulk can decrease the cost of food – and is better for the environment too, because it requires less packaging.  Because meat is expensive, decreasing your consumption of meat and devoting some of the money saved to organic purchases is another effective strategy.  And again, because meat has a huge environmental impact this is good for the environment, too.  The link cited below has more great suggestions for living on organic food cheaply. 

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    You can also grow your own organic food, which only costs sunlight, water, and maybe a little fertilizer.

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         Yes. In fact, a recent article on Salon.com describes how many people on food stamps, especially the young, now use them to buy organic and locally grown food. Critics think buying organic food with government money is living too luxuriously off of taxpayer dollars. Apparently these critics would prefer food stamp recipients to budget less well and instead spend taxpayer dollars on unhealthy food. 

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