If I am interested in helping the environment, what careers should I be looking at?



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    There are many careers that are dedicated to improving the environment; it is best to choose a focus. Do you want to concentrate on issues of pollution? Or clean energy? Maybe you want to teach environmental science?

    Here are a few examples of environmental careers, although remember that there are endless possibilities depending on what you’d like to focus on since the field is broad:



    Environmental Science Professor

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    the website I have provided below has many different jobs relating to the environment. These consist of:

    Natural resources and Conservation jobs

    Environmental Science and Engineering jobs

    Environmental jobs in Higher Education



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    The wonderful thing about the environment is that it’s global scope offers you a veritable cornucopia of possible ways in which to work toward its aid. In other words, your options aren’t limited to the hard sciences (though as the above posters note, there are loads of options there if that what interests you). Many professions can be adapted to an environmental focus. For instance, if law interests you, you could become an environmental lawyer and focus protecting environmental interests. If you’re interested in politics, you could specialize in environmental public policy, in which you would research, draft, and possibly even shape the nation’s environmental policies. You could advertise for environmental causes (marketing), cover environmental news (journalism), or utilize art in music, paintings or poems to draw attention to environmental causes. The possibilities are almost endless.

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    Another rising area of environmentalism is environmental education. You won’t necessarily be a teacher, but rather a community resource, a person who goes out into schools and other community settings to help educate young people about the environment, sustainability, efficiency, conservation, and other issues. You could also look into studying environmental architecture, especially with the huge popularity of LEED certifications, or conservation and restoration issues, where it would be helpful to have a background in wildlife biology. Really, as hovers said, the possibilities are endless.

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    Since you are asking about what job you can take up for helping the environment you should definetily go to study for Environment job and Natural Research.

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