If I am on a diet what is a good alcoholic drink to have?



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    There isn’t really a good alcoholic drink to have, however, I would choose a light beer or a red wine, since the light beer is theoretically less bad for you than regular beer, and red wine has health benefits if you drink it in moderation.  Check out the second article for calorie counts on alcoholic beverages.

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    Guinness Stout purportedly has high iron content, if you’re willing to give that a try. I heard this from a personal trainer, but so far I’ve only found a little hard evidence toward that fact. This would be a “nutritious” beer, but not necessarily one that may meet your dietary needs, whatever they may be. Still, if you’re looking for a good and filling stout while on your diet, Guinness is worth a try. It’s filling, too–high satiation rate for some reason.

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    There are “light” liquors as well as beers, but I have never tried them and I’m assuming they are not very good. In addition, consider what the liquor is made out of. Something like vodka (potatoes) is probably heavier the saki (rice).

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    Clear liquor such as vodka or gin paired with a sparkling water is a low calorie option. Add in a splash of citrus such as lemon, lime or a little orange juice and you have a refreshing cocktail. Not only are cocktails such as these low calorie, they are also proven to reduce the chances of a hangover due to the fact that no artificial coloring has been added. Now many breweries are also producing low carb, low calorie beer.

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    Try vodka with diet Coke.  A shot of vodka is about 100 calories.  Diet Coke has no calories.  Altogether, a very reasonable 100 calories.  Try different flavors of vodka or diet Coke for a more interesting mix.

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