If I am an accountant for a green company do I have a green job?



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    It’s a matter of semantics but I suppose so. If you want to split hairs, I would tend to agree with that assessment but only if you’re only doing accounting for a green company. If you’re an accountant for many companies in addition to a green company, then I don’t think that would be enough to consider having a ‘green job’. Even without the designation of a ‘green job’, there are still things we can all do no matter what our field is to make our jobs greener.

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    If your primary accupation is one that contributes in some way to environmental sustainability, efficiency, or bettering climate change, then I would agree that you have a green job. The company would have difficulty running if they didn’t have an accountant and your efforts allow them to do their job, thus, your job is in a green industry. I agree with bmoney that if it is just one out of 15 companies that you work for then the circumstances are different.

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