If humankind disappeared, would there be enough squirrels, rats, and other food to sustain the population of liberated dogs?

Let’s say humans are gone due to some global pandemic, all houses are unlocked, all doors opened, and all dogs are set free. Assuming many of the miniature dog breeds wouldn’t have the physical or mental abilities to survive, would the competent hunting breeds have enough food? Or would the supply of possums and raccoons quickly be depleted?



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    I can’t site any sources on this topic, but I can at least give you my opinion.  Nature has a cycle of controls and balances which are based on predators and food supply.  If the food supply goes up, its natural predators will increase and thrive until it drives the food supply down.  Then, without enough food, the predator’s population begins to thin until the food supply can replenish itself.

    The problem is that we have turned dogs into a domestic species and have overpopulated their existence.  Certainly many of the dogs would die, but given enough time their population would fall back into a natural cycle with their food source.  Basically some dogs would die but they would not go extinct as a species.

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    Just like brettleverett, I can only give my opinion.

    Dogs will definitely not go extinct, but I don’t think many of them would be fit to hunt since they have been domesticated. I think the “survival of the fittest” notion would kick in and only the strongest dogs will survive. Possums breed pretty frequently (4 litters a year: 7-16 babies per litter) so I don’t know if they will quickly deplete. Raccoons breed much less often (females only produce 2-5 young in their lives), so its hard to say. However, since only the fittest dogs will be able to successfully hunt and survive, I don’t think it’s likely that raccoons or possums will become extinct.

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