If green is the way to be why aren’t more people green?



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    Most likely because of cost and lack of information. Buying a hybrid or installing solar panels is expensive. Beyond that, many people simply don’t know just how bad their actions are for the environment and/or they don’t know about the different (and very easy) ways they can make a positive impact (like recycling). Additionally, I think it’s partially because of the mindset that one person can’t make a difference by recycling one little box or reusing one little bottle, even though it’s not true.

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    There can be many reasons.  Some people are simply apathetic — their lives are already hectic enough that they can’t think about caring for something else other than themselves.  Others simply don’t know the facts that would enable them to make smart, sustainable choices.  There is also a sentiment that being green is expensive…this can be true in some instances.  Buying organic food is definitely more costly, but recycling etc. doesn’t take any extra money out of the wallet.  

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