If green jobs made as much as non green jobs do you think they would be more popular?



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    I don’t think you can classify “green jobs” as inherently less remunerative than more traditional jobs. After all, what’s “green”? Entrepreneurs who are developing green technologies are making tremendous amounts of money, examples being the Vancouver, BC company, Triton Logging, that is harvesting timber underwater, and the UK’s Pavegen which developed a pad that generates kinetic energy when you step on it. Beyond entrepreneurship, green jobs are a widening sector of the economy, needing people with a broad range of skills from forestry management and silviculture to more traditional sales or engineering expertise. If you’re an auto mechanic who knows how to replace a battery pack on a Prius, you will probably have a very stable and lucrative job for some time to come. I believe jobs in the environmental sector will continue to increase as companies discover that going green is not just socially responsible, but profitable in the short term.

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    I agree.  There is little about the green movement or green industry that is homogenous. That is, you cannot generalize things or people in it. Some jobs may pay less, but not all. The industry, however, is still growing and may see a continued boom, thus there may be more future and opportunity while other industries may start to lose jobs.  I think the green industry, however, is driven by passion and dedication, and not by monetary incentive, which makes it particularly effective.

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