If the government stopped giving subsidies for renewable energy could it survive?



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    Maybe, who knows!

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    Under current economic conditions, the renewable energy industries need government support.  This is not, however, because renewable energy is un-viable economically when competing in the market on an even playing field.  Rather, it’s because the fossil fuel industries have received government subsidies for years, allowing them to keep their vice like grip on the US energy market.  Between 2002 and 2008, the US government injected $12.2 billion into renewable energy technologies, not counting corn-based ethanol.  Meanwhile, the traditional fossil fuel industries received $70.2 billion in government money.  Fossil fuel industry supporters love to try and convince you that the government is interfering with the marketplace by throwing billions of dollars at renewable energy projects.  What they don’t mention is that coal, oil, gas, and other fossil fuel technologies have been receiving the same treatment for decades.  If ALL energy industry subsidies were removed in the US, it might actually make things better for renewable power.  But as long as fossil fuels receive subsidies, renewable energy is going to need them, too.

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