If going green saves your company money why don’t more people take advantage of it?



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    Many people are simply unaware of the potential savings that can be achieved by “going green”. Making a company more efficient is good for the environment as well as your long term business plan, but it also requires some research, and no small amount of time. More importantly, many steps toward making a business more environmentally sound require an investment up front, and often don’t pay off immediately. In many cases, people shy away from large investments (solar panels, hybrid cars, wind turbines, etc.), despite their proven long term results. Some thoughts on the perceived cost and difficulty of becoming environmentally friendly can be found at: http://www.lifewithoutpants.com/green-week/why-dont-we-go-green/

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    “Going green” does save money over time, but the upfront costs of replacing inefficient appliances, installing renewable energy systems or switching to more environmentally manufacturing and packaging ca be a turn-off for businesses who are looking out for their bottom line. Long-term savings are pushed aside when businesses question the immediate affordability of making environmentally friendly changes.

    There are several smaller steps that businesses of all sizes can take that won’t cost much (or, in some cases, anything) to make their operations more environmentally friendly. These include everything from turning off lights and computers to switching to recycled paper products.  As far as large companies whose manufacturing, transportation and packaging techniques are excessively harsh on the environment, it will take consumer influence to change their ways. Petitions, letters and boycotts are all ways to let companies know that their customers demand more sustainable methods to make and distribute their products.

    This article has suggestions for businesses who are interested in going green, many of which will save them money over time.


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    Aside from money, sometimes it’s just plain effort.  The amount of dedication it takes to switch everything that’s already established to an entire new way of doing things can be a tedious and time consuming task.  Some people are hesitant to change in general.  Before any adaptation can be implemented, they have to find enough worth in the ‘inconvenience’ — but it’s undoubtedly worth the effort!

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    Many businesses may not be aware that they can apply for government grants or take advantage of rebate programs for businesses, or even apartments.  Simple things like installing more efficient lighting, air conditioning or purple pipes for reclaiming water can save businesses a lot of money.  We need more education about these grants and to demonstrate that some upfront cost can end up saving more money down the road.

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