If global warming was not happening, how much cooler would the earth be?



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    In the past 100 years, the average global temperature has increased approximately 1.4˚F (.75˚C). Since the earth has become warmer it is obviously global warming, but human-emitted greenhouse gasses have not been the only contributer. Most of global warming is caused by changes in earth’s orbit and rotation and in the sun. In short, the temperature would not be much different, but by passing the melting/freezing threshold of water, it might cause a chain reaction from heat reflecting off of glaciers.

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    Just a quick note on biome’s answer — global warming is defined as the recent, unusual rise in the Earth’s temperature — the natural warming and cooling of the earth is quite separate, and is refered to as natural climate change, as opposed to manmade climate change. 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit is a huge deal — you might not feel it, but it completely changes equilibriums in nature.

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