If a global catastrophe struck, where would the place in the US be to live as a survivalist/forager?



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    Assuming this catastrophe isn’t a giant tsunami that wipes out the West Coast, I’ll nominate the Pacific Northwest. There are many varieties of berries, fruits, deer, fish, shellfish, and tons of other plant foods and mammals. The climate is relatively temperate, so the winters shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not very familiar with the Southeast, but I imagine if you knew the local flora and fauna there are plenty of food sources year-round down there. 

    There’s a lot of wild game and space in Alaska, but I think the winters would be difficult.

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    I would agree with tutt47, however I think I would specify to closer to the San Francisco Bay/ Wine Country region, or maybe a little further inland.  I only point that out because it has VERY temperate climate, fair water source (so far), and good soils for agriculture for a small community.  I would also argue that the chances of disease breakout through insect populations due to less humidity.  

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