If forest are removed from the earth,there would be no animals left. Is this statement true/why?



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    Sounds very much like homework. And it is really an extremely simple question that you can certainly answer by yourself.

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    Although this does indeed sound like homework here are some hints. Forests create carbon sinks. Forests also decrease harmful soil erosion. One thing to ask yourself, are humans considered animals in the context of this question?

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    true,because some animals eat leaf and if the forest were removed they will be exticnt.like a tiger eats deer and the y eats grass and if they is no tree or grass the tiger will die because it needs it food to eat.  

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    About 75% of the world’s oxygen comes from rainforests through photosynthesizing plants and significant amounts of carbon are stored in the plants as well. If all forests were removed from Earth, there would be very little oxygen in the atmosphere and it would be dominated by carbon. Anything that breathes oxygen (from human to cockroach) would have a hard time surviving on a forestless Earth.

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      There was abundant oxygen in the atmosphere – and lots of animal life – long before there were forests. Forests are certainly an important part of the carbon cycle, but their absence would not mean the atmosphere would lose its oxygen not become dominated by carbon (assuming you mean carbon dioxide).

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    Try turning the question around, if there were no animals, would there be any forests? For example, Squirrels eat acorns and even take action to store acorns into the ground, through this method, oak trees are born. Take also living species such as bumble bees, through pollenation, they aid flowers growing from the ground. With a little bit of perspective you’ll find you already know why we need the forest. Everything in life is necessary. The trick is then to recognize it’s value, but it only takes observation, caring, and a bit of patience to figure these things out.

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