If the E-coli can clean up nuclear waste do you think we will see more nuclear power?



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    Even with the e-coli being able to clean up the waste, there are still several factors which need to be considered before a plant is built. According to NuStart, the company building the next power plant in the US, which should start in 2010, there are “75 factors including seismic activity, availability of water and emergency preparedness issues.” Just because we have found something to deal with the waste does not mean that people will forget what happened on 3 Mile Island. People are still weary of the potential risks that are involved with nuclear power plant construction, and most still believe they outweigh the fact that nuclear power has zero carbon dioxide emissions.

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    No, not very soon. The big question rememains as to the safety of nuclear facilities, especially near populated areas. There are many problems related to nuclear power plants and solving just one will not produce more plants.

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