If dams are bad for the environment, do beavers harm the environment?



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    Not at all.  The dams that are bad for the environment are those that are man-made and big enough to effect natural patterns.  Man-made dams cause water to separate into warm and cold water, causing the warm water to sink making it high in saliinty and low in oxygen.  Seasonal flow and temperature are eliminated, silt fails to be deposited on banks.  Thre ecosystem also fails.

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    Man-made dams completely stop the water flow and typically alter the stream and its ecology. Beavers are natural residents of the lakes and rivers where they live. At times their dams have become large and blocked water flow, some times resulting in complains from local residents who may wish to boat or jet-ski on the lake. However, it is important to remember that it is the beavers’ home first and they are amazing animals that should be watched and appreciated.

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