If climatologists said the maximum amount of atmospheric CO2 we could live with was 350 ppm, and we now have 390 ppm…are we screwed?



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    Not exactly. It is more like hearing you have high cholesterol from your doctor. There is still time to do something to lower those numbers before you start having more serious, more life threatening problems. The real doomsday point of no return number is around 550 ppm. After 550 ppm the world may still be habitable (there have been times in pre-history above 550 ppm of CO2 that had life) but it won’t be anything like the Earth we live on today. That is obviously problematic if our crop foods and feed animals can’t survive. Sadly even after we found out our cholesterol is too high we kept eating fried food and cake and it just keeps climbing up and up. Now we have to not only stabilize the numbers but get them going in the opposite direction something is even more hard to do.

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