If china had as many kids per family as Americans what would their population look like?



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    If I understand the statistics correctly, the United States isn’t too far off on average from China’s birth rate of 14/1,000 population.  In fact America’s birth rate was estimated at 13.83/1,000 population in 2009.  CIA Fact Book  Likewise the countries are only 4 places away from each other in their birth rate rankings; China at 149 and the U.S. at 154.  I think one of the biggest differences you’ll find in the cold hard numbers of these two countries is their surface areas (CHINA: 95696.96 thousands sq.km & U.S.: 9631.42 thousands sq. km).  Beyond those numbers I’m asking myself, “of that surface area…how much is hospitable and developed for sustainable living?”  Not sure what the answer is yet…thanks for getting me thinking.    

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