If carbon cuts can be profitable why are we having such a hard time financing it to get it started?



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    Changing minds is a huge challenge, and changing the way we prioritize federal spending for things like oil industry subsidies isn’t easy either. One reason it’s taking so long to make changes in the way industries and individuals operate is because things have been this way for so long, since the industrial revolution at least. A huge step was taken recently at the G20 talks in Pittsburgh where the world’s wealthiest nations met. World leaders have agreed to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020–that’s $300 billion a year on subsidies that can be redirected to alternative fuels and other low-carbon options.

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    It takes along time for industries to make large changes, like those involved in changing overall industry practices that would create carbon cuts. A lot of times it would take years after the industries implemented action for the savings to take place which is less incentive for those companies to act now. A similar situation is that of low wattage CFL bulbs. Even though it is proven that they will save money over the long term people still don’t buy them because they are more expensive at the outset.

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