If an electric car was cheaper would most Americans buy one?



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    If electric cars were cheaper, I still don’t believe that the electric car would be very successful. Electric cars make sense in urban environments, where you only have to drive a short distance on a day to day basis, and you don’t have to drive very fast. Since batteries can take hours to recharge, Americans would have a hard time adjusting from being able to fill up a gas tank in a matter of minutes. Road trips would become impossibly long because recharging would take so much time. I believe that hydrogen powered cars will work better in America overall, but cities should certainly try to adopt electric cars.

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    According to a recent Pike Survey, almost half of Americans are interested or very interested in buying a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Of those, about 1/2 said they’d pay a 5-10% premium, 1/6 said they’d pay a 20-50% premium, and about 1/3 said they would not pay any premium for a plug-in hybrid.

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    I disagree on this concept, although many of the points the above writer makes are valid. I think that electric cars are improving every day. We are learning how to make them better, faster, quicker to charge and more efficient all of the time. Soon the charging time will be minutes and the range will be hundreds of miles. It’s easy to see that once you have an electric car, you save loads of money over time from not having to use gas. But right now they are too expensive for the average American to buy into. If that initial price was much lower, I think it would become a very popular way for Americans to drive.

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