If bus passes were free would more people use the buss?



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    Absolutely. If the city afforded any form of free public transportation, I imagine that method of travel would be most popular among residents.

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    There are many positives and negatives to any type of free public transportation. I would say the majority of people think that it would cause a hike in taxes, although it really wouldn’t raise them much, if any at all. There would also be some cities that may take a while to set something like that up. And of course, Americans love their own cars. On the other hand, it would minimize road congestion, create jobs some jobs, and make cities much more accessible. Much of the funding could actually come from other aspects such as the lowered need of road maintenance, police patrol cruisers, and a few other things. It could be a very useful resource if people would get behind it.

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    While I do think that this would make the bus more popular, there are many people that simply don’t like public transportation. Some people like having the independence of owning a car, even if it doesn’t make sense in every transportation situation. Cars are also seen as a status symbol in some communities, so I think more would have to be done to encourage them to ride the bus. 

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