If organic food becomes more popular will they spend less money making it because they don’t have to have to spend money on pesticides and stuff?



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    It will become less expensive because it is better supported and the farmers will have a reliable market. There will also be more competition driving the price.

    Spending money on the chemicals of conventional farming makes that form of farming cheaper. They don’t have to rotate the field, they don’t have loss to pests (theoretically), and they don’t have to worry about pesky bio-diversity making the assembly line farm possible.

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    It’s hard to say, Organic food is actually more expensive because they don’t use pesticides or other quick fix chemical alternatives – which increases the amount of labor and grow time for crops. Typically increasing the amount of a product produced decreases price due to initial fixed capital investments – Organic food may prove to defy this point as it’s entire premise puts it outside of the realm of mass production.

    This is referring to actual organic, certified organic is a whole other story as it allows use of certain specified chemicals that help to produce it on a mass scale.

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