If atom X has 17 protons. How many electrons are in its valence shell?



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    If the atom is neutral, that means the number of protons and electrons has to be the same, so there must be 17 electrons.  Then you fill in the orbitals in order.  First the S orbital gets filled with 2 electrons, then the P with 6 electrons.  We have now 9 electrons left.  The valence shell is the outer most electrons shell.  Since the next shell can hold up to 10 electrons, the D orbital will have 9 electrons in this atom’s valence shell.

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    GreenBean’s answer is a little off. Firstly, there are 17 electrons. Secondly, 2 electrons fit in the first shell and 8 fit in each subsequent shell. Therefore, 2 are in the first and 8 are in the second. We now have 7 valence electrons in the outer shell.

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