If an antibiotic kills 99.9% of a baqterial population, what would you exspect the next generation of bateria to do?

a) to be more resistant to that antibiotic
b) to be less virulent than the previous population
c) to be just as susceptible to that antibiotic as was the last generation
d) to die out to the drastic decrease in population size
e) to be more contagious than the prior generation



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    The new generation would most likely be more resistant to that antibiotic.  That .1% of the bacteria that survived have a gene that makes them immune to the antibiotic.  They will then pass on that gene to the next generation, which increases the likelihood that there are more bacteria that express the gene.  Antibiotics are effective for good reason; the gene that causes immunity to it is very rare, and most likely recessive, but if a greater percentage of the population have it, the percentage that express it will also increase.  This is why eventually antibiotics become ineffective and new ones have to be constantly created.

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    Is baqteria different from bateria? 

    Also, as per previous Jupiter questions, you really should try doing your homework from a textbook/a library/a legitimate source you find on your own, instead of resorting to an online forum. Research can be very rewarding!!!

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