Is an Iceberg a floating glacier?



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    No, icebergs are not considered glaciers, but are usually pieces that have chipped off from a full glacier or ice shelf. Glaciers and ice shelfs are much larger than icebergs. Glaciers are all moving downhill, and are characterized by their movement.

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    In a sense, the answer to your question is yes and no. Yes, icebergs are remnants of glaciers since icebergs are formed from glacial ice (glaciers). However glaciers are generalized as pertaining only to land-based ice forms while icebergs are specifically christened to free floating on the ocean forms of ice. So it is possible for an iceberg to have been a glacier, at least a part of it, but it is quite impossible for a glacier to have been carved from an iceberg. In other words, an iceberg is technically a floating glacier except for the fact that it is hypothetically not a glacier anymore.!misconceptions

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