Is the ice melting in the arctic as bad as all the scientists say it is?



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    Yes, the arctic ice melting is a serious problem. The amount of sea ice in the poles has been decreasing, and that’s something we can see. It’s not just a problem for the polar bears and seals who’s habiitat is severely decreasing, but rising sea levels can cause big problems for our coastal areas and wetlands.

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    Agreed.  Scientist have done quite a bit of studying and examining the changes in the artic.  I believe they have a long history of data and are not just wildly projecting the result of what will happen if we continue to increase our temperature. 

    I heard a story about a polar bear that swam 200 miles to Iceland and there was some speculation that it was in search of food, but did not have an iceburg to float on for hunting.  Despite being on the endangered species list, largely due to loss of ice to fish on causing starvation, the bear was shot.

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    The melting glaciers are also pooling into warmer waters, like the Atlantic ocean.  The influx of colder waters intot he warmer waters are shifting the regulatory pumps that naturally occur in the gyres and affect weather patterns.  This is why we’ve been experiencing such unusual weather in some places.

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