The ice core studies, silt studies, and tree ring studies all show the same lag time with co2 following heat.

I read the studies, did someone repeal the laws of physics. Either global warming or the studies have to be false, it doesn’t seem to me they can exist together. Am I missing something?



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    Global warming that isn’t caused by humans is a very gradual process. It takes about 5000 years for a natural warming cycle to complete.  It’s believed that the initial 800 years of warming in these cases were caused by an unknown factor -which is unsurprising, as scientists know CO2 isn’t the only thing that causes temperatures to rise.

    However, from the data it appears that whatever caused these initial warming cycles also caused more and more CO2 to be released. The CO2 increased the effect of the warming, which continued to intensify for 4200 years after the initial event.  

    It’s been understood that CO2 is a crucial factor in global warming for over a century now.  Just because other causes also contribute does NOT mean CO2 doesn’t cause warming. And we know CO2 is linked to the current warming because we’re dumping it into the atmosphere by the millions of tons. 

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