I would like to know what you people are smoking to come up with these ridiculous statements! -seriously though, all of the info that I am finding online regarding fracing is a giant load of BS!




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    Try watching the movie Gasland.  It is about the science behind hydro-fracking and the damage it does to communities; hopefully it will supply you with accurate information. The link you provided is an investment bulletin.  If they’re trying to get people to invest in the future of fracking, why would they explain the drawbacks?  It’s important to look at the source of your information.  An “Investment Bulletin” is not an ideal source.

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    If you only listen to one side of the story, you will always be convinced the other is smoking something. It is important to find sources that are independent, with no financial gain. Your source is not this. 

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    Imagine that, someone in the oil business saying “Oh those silly environmentalists are making a big deal about nothing serious. You should ignore them!” I mean, that’s never happened before, and every time something like this has come up (Leaded gasoline, Exxon Valdez, Deepwater Horizon) it’s always been proven the oil companies were right, there is no problem, and environmentalists were shown to be acting like Chicken Little.

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