I would like to drink Kombucha every day, but is this bad for my teeth?

There are naturally occuring acids in it, and while there are plenty of health benefits to be reaped from drinking it, I am still concerned with my teeth. It could corrode the enamel. Are there ways of preventing this naturally? I have heard Pronamel toothpaste can help, but it is not a natural toothpaste.



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    I’ve never had Kombucha myself, so I’m only relating what I’ve read online, but it seems that Kombucha has anti-microbial properties that actually prevent dental caries, otherwise known as cavities. However, it does have a low sugar content and acidic pH levels, meaning that it can potentially erode tooth enamel. If this is a concern to you, you can try drinking it through a straw.

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    The acid can damage your teeth. I’d suggest using toothpaste that hardens soft enamel so that you don’t cause your teeth too much harm. Phillius’ straw idea is great, but you could also make a point to brush your teeth immediately afterwards. 

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